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About Khaadi

In 1998, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Shamoon Sultan, set out to revive the ancient craft of the handloom and popularizing the traditional medium in a contemporary manner. What began as a single store startup in Karachi, Pakistan has quickly transformed into a robust brand with international presence.

Khaadi, an Urdu word which means “hand-woven”, has stayed true to its name and continues to produce a fusion of styles to complement both the East and West, while still using hand-woven fabrics on selected products.

Khaadi is now a household name in Pakistan, with 43 stores at almost every notable location and in all major malls across the country. We are also the first Pakistani fashion retail brand to establish a successful international presence with stores in the United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom. Our online store has made it possible for customers around the world to order Khaadi products with the click of a button. And this is just the beginning!